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“Will the real (insert name here) please stand up?”

Honor thyself


Have you ever witnessed someone being so true to themselves that it made you stare in awe? Did you feel jealous that they were able to walk in their truth while you kept sweeping away your greatness? If you haven’t then you are truly an ascended master and you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog. I’m willing to bet that many of you reading this have stopped yourself short. You didn’t wear that shirt because you wondered what others would say. You didn’t voice your opinion because it was counter to the rest of the group. You denied liking comic books cause you were told that girls don’t like comics. Ok that one is a bit more personal. You chose a different life path because someone told you that there is no way you could make a living doing THAT!

We walk around encased in these beautiful shells we call bodies. But the true essence of who we are is not the shell/body, it’s the energy and vibrational frequency within that is who we really are. Yet day after day, lifetime after lifetime we stay focused on these shells. I get it. I get caught up in my shell. Hell, I get caught up in other people’s shells as well. By living life exclusively looking at and only focusing on the shells we are missing the entire point of life itself. By not honoring yourself you are basically saying that you are not worthy, that you have no right to express the true essence of you because it is not up to par with someone else. Do you see how ridiculous and down right nasty that sounds?

One of my greatest teachers about this particular topic and my constant reminder to live what I say is my teenage daughter. There’s nothing like listening to a sixteen-year-old talk about wanting to be liked and accepted by people to really drive home the point of being your own person. I imagine that being a parent is similar to what the relationship between us, human beings, and the Source or God is. We see such good in our children and we urge and encourage them to be the best of themselves. We see the untapped potential and we guide them. And just like our children, we human beings often get so caught up in the physicality of things. We look at this physical, three-dimensional, one plane of existence and believe that this is all there is so we better get it right otherwise we’ll be left out… or even worse rejected.

Rejection is one of our greatest fears. We base our interactions, our decisions, our lives out of the fear of being rejected. One thing that I have told my daughter is to always make her own decisions and follow her heart because if you don’t you end up living your life based on what someone else has decided for you. When you don’t speak up, you allow someone else to speak for you. When you do something you don’t want to do, you allow the other person to be the captain of your destiny. Rejection may seem rough and damn near deadly but that sting will only last for mere seconds compared to the slow and constant burn of chipping away a piece of yourself.

So I want you to try something. Try being your true authentic self in whatever form that is for you. Wear that unique piece of clothing. Sing out loud and dance with pure joy. Follow that career path that makes your heart sing. Do whatever it is that makes you feel good and brings you joy because that is the path that you were meant to be on. Listen to your heart and your intuition and if you don’t know how they sound then take some time out of the day to be still with yourself. Get to know you in all of your glorious and wonderful beauty. Then that confidence will radiate outward and people will see your authenticity, thereby encouraging them to do so as well. And if your scared it’s ok to be. Nothing worth having comes easily. But know that you are not alone. There are others who are waiting to see you walk in your power.


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