Be abundant… just not too abundant

  • I am abundant
  • Money comes easily to me
  • My business continues to grow and my wealth increases
  • I am open to receiving all of the money, wealth and abundance that the Universe gives me
  • Money is good

I want money. No scratch that I HAVE money. My wallet and bank account are overflowing with money. Phew! Almost messed up my abundant energy flow there. No matter where you are on the spiritual spectrum, abundance, prosperity, wealth and success are topics that always seem to surface. We talk a lot about how to grow our money, how to feel about money and how we view our relationship with money. We try and reprogram the negative thoughts and ideas in our minds about money so that we can begin attracting more of it. We also have to make sure that we are humble in acquiring it because we wouldn’t want others to THINK that we are controlled by money. And if you ever feel like you are stuck and need a boost, no need to worry because there are countless books on abundance and how to get what we want out of life. Which is more money.

But wait I’m not supposed to say that. As a spiritual healer I am supposed to say that you have to look beyond money and be satisfied with simply living and being a spiritual entity having a human experience. Do you want to hear that? NO! Of course not. You want to know how to attract more money. The thing about abundance and prosperity by way of spirituality and religion is that there are tons of resources that say that money is simply energy and that we shouldn’t feel bad for wanting it. Then we remove our headphones after listening to our money mantras, we step outside into the world and the collective voice is telling us the exact opposite. We want that promotion at work, but don’t become too ambitious otherwise you’ll make other people jealous. Dream about having that big house, go ahead and cut out the picture and put it on your vision board, but don’t ACTUALLY try and attain it. It’s more humble, and far cooler, to always have things within your reach. You should be perched on a mountain meditating and refusing material things but still be able to attract them and want people to offer them to you.

Fuck that! I want money! I want to travel the world, I want to buy crystals without being on a budget, I want to go on spiritual retreats four times a year at different locations around the world. I also want to pay my bills, send my daughters to the college of their choice, pay for my car to get serviced without grumbling every time it breaks down. And I want to have enough left over so that if my family or friends are in need I can help them. There’s nothing wrong with that. I never grew up thinking that money was the root of all evil but beyond that I had no real understanding of how I felt about money.

I used to short change myself when it came time to charge people for my services. I felt that it made me more viable and would attract more people to me. But by lowering my prices I was showing the Universe how much I really though about myself, how much I valued the gifts that were given to me. Which meant I thought I was worth crap. Quantifying your work and your talents may feel intimidating or frightening but it doesn’t have to be. If you are an entrepreneur, teacher, healer, or creative designer you are sharing your gifts with the world. Putting a price tag on those gifts and talents is your way of telling people (and the Universe) that you have expended this energy to make this product or provide this service. Money is simply the energy that comes back to you and replenishes you to continue doing what you love to do.

So yes! I LOVE money. I am a rich child of a loving universe. Money simply falls into my lap. And the same goes for you too! Keep repeating money mantras, keep telling yourself that you are rich, wealthy and abundant. Your gifts need to be shared with the world and you can’t do that with pennies. Start with Benjamins.



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