Set your intention and manifest

Well beautiful people it is a new year and that means… well just that! It’s a new year. I’m not going to bore you with my Neil DeGrasse Tyson thoughts on time being a man-made construct for us to live by someone else’s clock in order to be controlled and/or manipulated. Or that there is no past or future because space/time is not linear but rather multi-dimensional so we can be living our past and future at the present moment. Nope! I’m not gonna go there. What I AM going to do though is talk about intention and creating what we want. Visualizing our lives as we want it to be and then manifesting those ideas into tangible things.

For many people this time of year means new year’s resolutions. My old, falling apart at the seams, Webster’s dictionary defines resolution as 1. the act of or result of resolving something. 2. a thing to determined upon; decision as to future action. I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions for myself because I don’t have anything to resolve. Please understand that this does not mean I’m saying I’m perfect by any means. I’m simply stating that all of the highs and lows from my previous calendar year were stepping stones to get me closer to my ultimate goal of complete self-love, pure compassion and unconditional love for all beings. If I’m always judging my past and reaching towards my future, when I can enjoy the fruits of my labor?

Sure we have the best of intentions to start a new year fresh with goals and plans we want to achieve, that may have been born out of the challenges from the previous year. The shitty thing about resolutions is that

  1. We often create these pie-in-the-sky goals that are not only unattainable but are also not aligned with who we are at our core.
  2. They can be based on external, materialistic things that we see and think we need.
  3. Some are created from looking at what someone else has and judging the supposed lack in our lives based on what may appear to be someone’s abundance.

What is nice to see is that there has been a collective shift in this thinking over the past decade or so and when you ask people nowadays if they believe in resolutions, they’ll tell you no. But not believing in resolutions doesn’t mean that we stop growing. There is a larger understanding that we have the power to create our world as we see fit. We are more attuned to energy and if something doesn’t feel right we tend to move away from it. We no longer believe that we have mistakes, rather life lessons that help us learn more about ourselves and assist us in reaching our goals.

Visions boards have become a popular tool in crafting our lives and establishing an understanding about the connection between intention and manifestation. Whether you realize it or not we tell ourselves things on a constant basis. Our minds are moving at speeds that we cannot comprehend, so when negative thoughts, ideas or images replay like a loop in our minds we are often unaware of the effects that they have on us. Those negative loops have energy and though we cannot see them, they send out waves to the Universe. The Universe has no concept of negative and positive, there is only what is. So when you send out negative, you get back negative. If you constantly think about debt, you’ll receive more debt.

If you want more love for yourself, more confidence, more compassion you simply have to see it, embody it and radiate that feeling from the inside out. These are fundamentally easy concepts to understand but very challenging to adopt and practice. Vision boards are an easy way to have a visual representation of not only your goals but the peace and serenity that you want to create within your space. My mom was the first person that I remember having a vision board. I was about twelve or thirteen when I saw her laminated board full with pictures of flowers, crystals and picturesque scenery. Over the years her boards changed and eventually morphed into an alter in her room with actual items you could touch (actually no one could touch them but her but you get the drift).

I’m assuming that many of you reading this have a board already but in the off chance that you don’t here’s my tips for creating your board and how to get started.

A board

You can use anything from a cork board, poster board, picture frames, planners. I’ve even seen someone use a dry erase board with images that they drew, which is a neat idea cause you can simply erase the images when your intention changes. Whatever medium makes you comfortable is what you should go with.


One popular way to collect pictures is by cutting them out of magazines. I do this as well but one piece of advice that I have is to not use pictures that have people in them. When you look at your board and see pictures of other people then it will translate that this is not for you and that’s not what you want. You want your board to speak for and represent YOU. I also put in pictures that are a bit more personal whether they be pictures that I took myself or pictures of me and my family. The most important thing is to use pictures that speak to you. What words motivate you? What flowers are your favorite? What gives you peace and calm just by looking at it? Doesn’t matter what it is, just cut it out, take a picture of it, draw it, color it WHATEVER! This board is all about you and it should reflect that.

Words of affirmation

This is the real good shit here. I’ve used affirmations that I’ve found online and printed them out. I’ve also written the affirmations down in my own hand writing. That way the message is imprinted in my brain because when I’m writing the words I have to pay attention to what I’m writing. This is a great way to get the affirmations to stick into your mind. Plus when it’s your own hand writing it makes your board personal. Here’s the thing that I have to say about affirmations. Of course you can use someone else’s but also try and come up with your own. You don’t have to be a Maya Angelou or Nikki Giovanni to write an affirmation that is aligned with you. When I was going though a really rough period with my depression I simply wrote I love myself. I am worthy. I am confident. You would be surprised at how effective those simple words are. So effective in fact that I have written them down on index cards and post them up on my bathroom mirror to read every. single. day.

Make it visible

Put your board in a place where you will see it on a regular basis. Even if you spend a great deal of time in the bathroom, put it right in front of the toilet or by the bathtub. Wherever you have the most traffic in your day is where you should put it. Every time you pass by your board look at it, reflect on the pictures. It should make you smile when you see it, give you a bit of motivation or burst of creativity. When you see it on a regular basis it should remind you of what you are setting out to attain. If you stick it on a wall in the guest bedroom it won’t serve you because you won’t see it. So, keep it visible and keep it safe.

Change it when you see fit

You are not the same person that you were seven years ago or even seven minutes ago. Your wishes, wants and desires change as you change and your board should reflect that. I had a board on my wall for close to ten years and though it made me happy when I saw it I realized that it was not serving me because the things that I posted on it I actually had in my life. You can get rid of your old board, update it or revise it. Listen to what your gut tells you to do and go with that. This is another reason why it’s important to keep it in a place that you will always see it because you will find that certain things you want, you eventually attain!

Take the steps

This is not a step that is a part of setting up your board but it is by far the most vital. Once you make your vision board, put it up and look at it, you now have to put in the action to get those things. Oh yeah, you can’t just stare at the pictures and say you want them but then go sit in the corner and just expect them to come to you. Though we would like for that to happen, the Universe doesn’t work that way. In order to actually receive your wishes and wants you have to walk the talk. So if there is a job you want you had to take the necessary steps to get into that job. If you want to be in a relationship then you have to do things that will encourage you to meet and interact with people so you can find that special someone. But don’t think of this work as “work”. In fact we won’t call it that. Let’s call it connecting the dots. When you say to the Universe that you want something and your heart and soul is in it, then the Universe will give you a map with tiny dots. All you have to do is follow those dots and make the connections to get you from point A to point B. See! Doesn’t that sound more encouraging than work?

So let’s do it!  Create your vision board, be inspired and let’s start manifesting in 2017.


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