Health & Wellness

The need for safe spaces

Fearless Love is my soul project. Through my family’s YouTube channel I came up with the idea that I want to contribute something that was all my own. After one day of scrolling through Instagram photos and YouTube videos I felt down and upset. Why was my life not as interesting as all these other people? What was missing in my life? Though these were only snapshots of moments in time I was beginning to feel inadequate. It didn’t take me long to realize that the messages I was gleaming from these pictures and videos was giving me the blues. Was there any content on the internet that was positive? Were other women looking for the same things that I was?

Then like a clap of thunder the thought hit me to create a series where I talked about mental health and the journey that I took in getting to a better place with loving myself. I immediately came up with topical issues that I could discuss and personal stories that I could share. I wanted to I create this online community and interact with women who needed an outlet for connection, replenishment and spiritual rejuvenation. I began to find other women on various social media platforms who were creating content that was in line with what I was trying to do. Women like Lauren AshFrancheska Medina and Brittany Josephine are just some I found whose projects were touching me and showing me that there is a space for this healing and connection on social media.

I began making videos and people started responding. The ball continued to roll and I began to feel energetic waves push me to further this project. Ideas came flashing into my mind like comets whizzing through the night sky. The introvert in me wanted to grind this project to a halt many times. I was afraid of engaging with other people and being vulnerable. Then every time a negative thought came into my mind the Universe would intervene. People would send me messages that my videos were helping them, uplifting them. The messages I would talk about in my videos were timely for many people and I would often hear “I needed to hear this today.”

Before Thanksgiving of this year I decided that in order for this to grow I need to really cultivate it. I need to sit down and map out my goals and begin the process of manifestation. I decided to make actual seasons for the series on YouTube. I would create this blog so that in between seasons I could still have an outlet. I would collaborate and connect with other women who were working on pushing the same narrative of positive messages, healing, health and wellness. I would even have t-shirts to wear! This wasn’t really necessary, just something for myself. I was creating a safe space for not only other women but for myself as well.

Then today I created my own actual safe space. I cleared out the corner of my home office that was deemed the dump station. What had long been the place for me to throw things that had no set place in the rest of the house was now my work/creation station. All of the items on my desk were meticulously picked and lovingly placed to serve as my personal inspiration. Creating my safe space isn’t just a place for me to create but also a place where I can recharge. And now that I have this physical space in my house I hope that it will help to enhance my space online.



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