I have a couple of blog drafts that I’ve been working on but I don’t want to talk about thigh gaps and being a black creative right now. Right now I want to simply collapse into myself and be silent. Today is November 9, 2016 and Donald Trump is our new president. This is the man who is following eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency. As I watched the early projections last night I knew he was going to win at 7pm. I turned away from the news at 8pm and decided to go to bed with the hope that today would have different news. But when I woke up to see my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feed I had to come to grips with the fact that I was not living in some other dimension. This is my reality.

However I feel the need to be very clear about something. We can’t act like this came out of nowhere. We can’t pretend to be surprised. I honestly was not shocked when I read the news on my phone. For the past year and a half we have been talking about Trump day in and day out. I’ve been guilty of it too! Between conversations with my wife, parents, teenage daughter and friends Trump has been the main topic of many of my conversations. For a while I kept saying that things couldn’t get worse and then a news story would pop up that would up the ante. I finally stopped saying that things couldn’t get worse because clearly they were!

So there are two important things that I want to point out here.

  1. This is the clearest example of Law of Attraction
    1. I don’t want to be that hippie person right now but I can’t help but drop a little spiritual knowledge. Law of Attraction states that whatever you put your attention on will come to you. The universe doesn’t understand positive or negative it only understand energy. And I don’t know about you but I certainly put a lot of energy into NOT wanting Trump to be president. So what did the universe do? Give me more and more Trump to talk about. I stopped talking about him at some point but the damage was already been done to the country as a whole. The more shocking things he did, the more we talked about him. So by sending all of this energy out we got more of what we didn’t want back.
  2. The people who voted for Trump were always here
    1. Listen, I’ll be the first one to tell you that I wanted to believe that I lived in an inclusive world. Though personal experiences have lead me to always be cautious and discerning when I am in spaces that I tend to stick out in, I was under the impression that I was okay. Yes I am aware that people may be calling me a nigger bitch behind my back but hey, at least it wasn’t being said to my face. I continued to sweep my uncomfortability under the rug and never spoke up when a white person said or did something that was insensitive to me or someone else. The signs were always there but I chose to ignore them.

I posted something on my Facebook page that kind of sums up how I feel right now.

Am I happy? No.  
Am I fearful? Yes. 
Many of you may not understand the weight of what this feels like and I understand that. 

You don’t have to worry about being accosted because you’re a female.
You were never called nigger.
You never had someone refuse to interact with you because of your skin color or your hair style.
You were never made to feel lesser than simply because of who you love.
You’re role as a mother was never questioned because of how your children were conceived. 

You many not have experienced any of these things but there are people who do every. single. day. and multiple times in a day. 

If you are an ally then comfort someone who is hurting and continue to push forward and walk alongside your brothers and sisters in our fight for equality. 

If you are unable to empathize for those who are feeling sad, frustrated and/or discouraged then please step aside. This is not about hate, this is about healing.



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