The Universe told me

The Universe has a very funny way of sending you the messages that you need for whatever lessons you’re in the midst of learning. The information is never in a neat and tidy package wrapped up with a bow or even a soft voice whispering in your ear to nudge you in the right direction. Of course the messages were probably sent like that but I was too busy being caught up in life to pay attention. Additionally I should add that I’m like a pestilent child when it comes to signs from the Universe about what direction that I should go in. I will receive a vision, a picture, a recurring dream that shows me an end result of something that I may be working on or a project that I’m about to start and I get so excited that I demand the outcome immediately. I recognize that this is wrong. I lack the patience to get from point A to point B but when the vision is so delicious… who can wait?!

So maybe that’s why the Universe is having my three-year-old daughter throw tantrums when I tell her that she has to wait for the bananas to freeze in order to make banana ice cream. She’s collapsing on the floor, big tears running down her face, limbs are flailing everywhere while I stand looking and wondering what the fuck is wrong with her? It’s literally four hours till the bananas freeze and you mean to tell me she can’t wait that long? Huh?! Oh I see what’s going on here! This is a lesson. Touché Universe you got me.

This project that I call Fearless Love has been evolving since I first came up with the idea and created it earlier this year. Initially I had no concrete end goals, I simply wanted to talk about self care and the tools with which you can use to work on loving yourself. I had topics that I wanted to discuss but beyond that there was no plan. Then something happened in the midst of me filming an episode one day. I can actually tell you the exact episode that it happened. I was working on the mental health and depression episode where I opened up about my personal struggles with depression and how important it is to seek help. It took me HOURS to record that episode because I just couldn’t seem to get my thoughts across. Interestingly enough, though the topic was somber and difficult I felt that it was one of my best videos. I was also still reeling from the previous video where I interviewed my friend, Ana, about her self care and self love journey which she discusses through her blog Power To Prevail.

As I was editing the mental health video I had a vision of about 20-30 women of color of varying ages sitting in a circle in a beautiful hut of some sort looking out onto the ocean. We were all talking, laughing and simply enjoying the safe space that we had created. I had no idea what this vision meant but the energy that I got from it felt goooood. How do I get to this point? Where are we? What are we doing? I wasn’t sure if it was a visual depiction of the  online community I was supposed to create or we were actually going to be in a tropical location sitting in a circle. Either way I wanted that vision to come fruition at that very moment. Never mind how I needed to get there or what it all meant but I simply knew that the feeling that I gleamed from what I had seen was enough to make me want to move in the direction toward that goal.

One thing that I’ve learned in all my years of manifestation is that patience is just as if not MORE important than the goal. Could you imagine if you had instant results for every single idea you had?! You could ask for a elephant and receive your pet pachyderm within seconds. The Universe is similar to a genie bottle in that you can ask for what you want but you need patience and faith in order for your goals to truly manifest. How bad do you really want that house, that relationship, that career? Well if you really want it then you should remain faithful that no matter what, if it’s meant for you then you’ll have it. So while you’re envisioning yourself having these things the Universe is giving you some time to make sure that you trust the process and can remain patient.

I want to share this gift of love and spiritual connectivity with the world but how can I share that gift if I’m not in the place where I need to be? You don’t have to answer that cause I know what I need to do, the Universe told me.


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