self care

No time like the present

This blog could be considered a compliment to my YouTube series (video here) with the same name where I talk about self care and self love but I would like to think that this could be something separate and can stand on it’s own without the videos. While I want the readers to also watch my videos and my subscribers to also read these blogs, this is not a “read the book before you watch the movie” situation. My blog posts and videos will often talk about the same topics and I might even use a blog to go more in depth with a topic that I addressed in a video but the two are not mutually exclusive.

What is this blog about?

There will be information and topics about self love, self care, and mental health as it relates to women of color and LGBTQ community of color. Now that’s not to say that for those of you reading this that are not melenated, female or LGBTQ that you can’t read this. All of the information in here is applicable to anyone dealing with mental health issues but I want to create a space for these specific groups to share, discuss, and heal together.

Fearless Love

Nina Simone has been quoted as saying freedom means no fear. I like that. A lot. I honestly didn’t have that quote in mind when I created this series but it certainly fits. We should choose to love ourselves fearlessly. And to tack on Ms. Simone’s point you should feel freedom in loving yourself.


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